Waking Up Pills


At the current stage of my life

Full of teen angst and hormones

I am tired already.


I am tired of waking to the same routine

Every single morning I spend half an hour kissing

Not the morning light but my pillow

Because at the on the edge age of seventeen,

I am too tired to appreciate life for what it is.

I am too tired to appreciate nature or

The fact that something in my body is what

Wakes me up or at least tries to.


I am not trying to write this to be deep

Or that perfect coffee shop white girl.

I am tired of fucking white girls.


The idea that the world's problems

Are solved by a hipster white girl Tumblr post

Drives my mind insane.


I am not here to fix anyone

Or to be fixed

As if being tired is something to be solved

Like a stomach flu or like

Society's irrational belief that saying

“It gets better” makes it any better

For the kids tired of being depressed

Bullied, ignored, guilty for ever being the fertilized egg.


I am tired of everything teenagers are meant to love in life

Because we make sleeping pills before

We make waking up pills.


If you ever hear of those though,

Let me know, because

Living isn't worthwhile if I'm stuck

Spending everyday too tired

To appreciate life, nature, love, or the morning light

Just like those hipster Tumblr girls

Writing their quotes in pastel colors

Life should be worth living in.


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