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Can you hear them?
Can you see them?
Can you feel them?
Those chains
That everlasting bondage that keeps us unchanged
Can you hear the cries?
Do you feel the pain?
Black boys and black girls jeopardizing their rights
For our gain
Never second guessing the outcome
Never caring what it costs
All to help the future generation to not be lost
But you don't appreciate it, do you?
Well you could've fooled me
Even Malcolm X was an extremist
And even HE wouldn't AGREE
Calling our women derrogatory names
And internalizing a term that drove him insane
We...should be...ASHAMED of OURSELVES
Depicting an image
That is less than our priveledge
And pretending its all the same
Never caring or daring
To step out on faith
And stake our claim
On a nation we helped to build
And now helping to tear down
What would Dr.King say?
Would that make even Medgar Evers frown?
What message are we sending to those 3 little girls
Who burned in church
Are we saying their deaths were for nothing?
SO that we could revert
Back to a notion that we don't deserve
If they could see their people now
How disgusted would they be?
Not just with that kid selling drugs
Or the one selling her body
But how disgusted would they be
With you and with me?
For not taking a stand
Or having some accountability
To these young brothers and sisters
Can you hear them?
Can you see them?
Can you feel them?
They broke through the chains in the 60's
Now we are letting them be put back on
They were accountable for one another,
Do you hear me?
Now we can't even get along
Long enough to have a meal
Strike a deal
Or even for simple communication
So quick to pop a pill
And increase eternal damnation
But that a different sermon
For a different time
Its time for responsibility
SO our inner activist can shine
Stand up and take action
Let's regain our communities
Because we are definitely at war
With society
With other nations
But most of all with future you's and future me's
Do you hear them?
Do you see them?
Do you feel them?
Wake UP!
Its not not a dream its our reality!

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