Hearing my own thoughts as if they were being spoken aloud.
Its like I'm being jumped by words I scream STOP at the top of lungs tryna gain control as if im looking for the remote but the mute button is broken. They breaking me down like I'm skating on thin ice they go and come back like bringing something back in style. Crying eyes while covering my ears to silence the sound. Under my covers I go scared of the dark like a kid that can't sleep without a night light monsters moved from in my closet, under my bed to inside my head. Terrified wishing it was a dream curled up in a lil ball shaking knees to my chest .Repeating they're not real Hoping they go away. When I was a kid it worked I was brave enough to believe in myself. My courage came out from under my covers with my ears exposed all I heard was the wind blowing against the window. Eyes open room in deaf silence. Camera shots of the outside looking in not worrying about the picture focused on my frame of mind im in. My Family & friends say I should talk more. When I go to speak its like my voice box broken.
Mouth open thoughts on the tip of my tongue but no words come out. When I'm all alone with these things that I deal with.

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