I want to talk to you so much that your words turn into chocolate, 

Sweet as they cascade off your tongue.

I want to talk to you so much that I get mad when you talk fast because it doesn't give me time to savor every syllable like drops of water in the Sahara

Even though it's cute when you talk fast  because you sound so passionate 

Like one of those words was going to be your last.

I want to talk to you so much that when I'm not with you, 

I become homesick, longing for your words.

Everyone who speaks english says the same words you do but you make me want to read a dictionary,

Cover to cover, each word forming in my mind -not with that voice I hear when I think to myself but your voice.

Your voice in my head,

Each version of it: morning voice, happy voice, sad voice, missing-your-voice-voice.

Please be missing my voice,

Because if this is as unhealthy that I think it is then maybe I should be quarantined,

But the only medicine I really need is the vibration of your vocal chords.

Pour your voice into a measuring spoon, I'll plug my nose as I take it and chase it with sugar.

I keep coughing your name,

I sneezed and heard you say "bless you" and the way those words rolled off of your tongue made me want to sneeze 47 more times.

They tell me I'm lovesick but I feel great.

The fact your words are formed with the thought of me in your mind makes me re-think any time I was ever self-conscious.

I hope your words punch every ex I've ever had in the face because any word they ever hissed at me was a lie.

Your voice could coax a snake out of attack mode.

Your voice could predict the lottery.

Your voice could turn angry hail into dancing rain.

Your voice could make me believe in love again.


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