The Virus of Mediocrity


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

Are my efforts even worth a dime?
Or has this been a waste of time?
We, in unison, wrote the rules and laws
Happy and anxious we as we scribbled every clause

We had goals, we had dreams
Yet I’m the only one who still cares it seems
We wanted to be the best of the best
But somehow you became contented to muddle among the rest

You cannot win with mediocrity!
You must work before you play
Otherwise you’ll build a habit and loaf around everyday

Oh Lazy Jack and Indifferent Jill
Tumble your merry selves’ right down a hill!
I forgave you once, I forgave you twice
I’ve been every kind of nice
But all along my ally was my enemy
You stand in the way of my destiny

I have passion, I have pride
You couldn’t become something even if you tried
But I have more than an aspiration and a destination
Unlike you, I have self motivation

I know not what you love, but it isn’t here
But to me the theatre is very dear
This is the home I would die to protect
So I ask you once in formal respect:
If you have any doubts over how or why-
If sometimes you don’t even want to try-
If you dread the work and would rather die-
Use the liberty the founding fathers said you’d receive
And pack up your things, close the door, and leave


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