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It’s woven into the fibre of my being  to expect tragedy.  Even in the wake of the good things my mind is plagued by  the thought of what could be.
F. L. U. I. D.S   F for forgiveness  To all the innocent taken  Your color was mistaken  Mistaken for  a weapon 
5 silhouettes stroll through a white town alone the sight of them causes residennts' mouthes to foam 4 jagged stones are thrown aimed to shatter the dark kings' destined thrones 3 skins ripped to the bone
Don't Touch My Hair  You can touch but you can't touch see there is no right way to be me It's IMPOSSIBLE You can touch my skin but, You can't touch my hair You can touch my heart maybe my soul but, 
My Beautiful Black Queen
The moment can feel so right The moment can feel so bright The moment can feel like endless breath
Brings out the soul in me The part of my mind, that's so hard ot find Lost in the depths of boredom Ashamed to express But sweet,sweet poetry Helps me pass the test
never thought that this white man would be mad i would have thought he would have been glad im somebody that you wanna be and im somebody you aint
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