Villainous Grin

Some of you might be afraid

By the way these people are portrayed

There’s no doubt they did an awful thing

But it is so intriguing what their minds bring

Criminals is what I mean

The ones that make a big scene

I’m talking sociopaths and psychopaths

With no genuine remorse for their wraths

Strangely some are very calm

Even when they strangle their mom

They have a devious smirk on their face

That seems so out of place

Why do they do these things?

Is something else pulling their strings?

Let me be the one to find out

What their mind is thinking about

All of these questions I want to ask

Before they wear the death mask

The glass between us seems so thin

How can they just sit there and grin?

Only one way to find out what makes them tick

Ask questions until it makes me sick

They all created a game that I want to play

Until they are forever put away

Profiling is what I want to do

So future investigators have more of a clue

On how to handle these warped minds

That put the world in these terrible binds

I’m not afraid of what they might think

Am I like them? Am I on the brink?

No, but I am close to the edge

I’d have to be to form this pledge

To find out what is really going on

Before they are put to death at dawn



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