Vast-The way I feel can only be explained if you were to be able to listen to my heart. These feelings are ineffable. No amount of words in the English dictionary can begin to explain the beautifully ironic feelings that I have. My thoughts, at times cannot even explain the way I feel. ~Knowing this, I cannot tell. Knowing this, I shall keep my lips sealed, as so I should my heart. Locked, and the key thrown into an abyss of oblivion. My love, so far and yet right here.The words of my loved ones ringing in my ear as I try to find myself. Hearing these judgments.. as if they know me?Who could? Not I. No, I only want to understand. The urge To find myself, being so powerful. Me being a weak vessel, never seems to end the way it was planned. My love, so very dear. I’ve missed so much. Your life so meaningful and vast; who could know it? Not I. No, I only want to understand. Take me, far from this place. Where the shouts of people claiming to know, are distant shadows of infinite worries. Take me, so very far. Where I can live a life where there shall be no worries about what I’ve missed, or how distant a memory one had been. Far. Far away from this life where I can feel my loved ones caring for me, and yet not knowing how to. Taking care of the ones they love as one should. But is this really the case? One can only do so much. To take back time is impossible. To rewrite history, is a challenge. To write your own story, is a dream destined to happen. But can it be? Can one really find the love they had searched for? One can only hope. Until then, friend.

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Jan Wienen

Oh! So close ... Thank you ...

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