Vanquishing My Fear

The Grass browns and the flowers fade

The trees leaves wither and the winds blow colder

The sun seems to hide more often keeping the world in the shade.

So begins a new semester hoping that this time around I’ll grow bolder

Not everyone loves what I love, nor fears what I fear

But my fears are also the same fears as many

Many are less afraid to die than speak publicly

I’m no different though my mother tells me I’m extraordinary

    A new school year, a new course, my bones begin to feel like glass

The course is public speaking

I feel it would be easier to die than to carry myself to class

The first day was easy, I made some friends

I told the class my name and what I’d liked most

Timothy I shyly claimed, I love to ride dirt bikes, to tear up my father's grass

And though the speaking was over, my heart still raced.

I sat down briefly, imagining my fear and the future I faced


A few days later, my first official speech on what I’d loved to do

I managed to bring myself in front of the class instead of running out

My heart beat faster and my hands began to sweat

The words spilled from my mouth and I became more stout

I finished my final line and heard the applause from the class

I’d finish my first speech and look!

I’m still alive

Although the speeches were still difficult and terrifying at first

As soon as I kept practicing my fear dispersed

I can finally say I’m no longer afraid to speak publicly,

Thank God I faced my fear, instead of choosing the easy route

Your fear may not be my fear, and your joys may not be mine

but, I've battled my fear and come out on top

I proclaim to You, Pursue your fear and overcome, don't stop

At the end of the day, you’ll still be alive

And you'll be so proud that you continued to strive


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