I am beautiful.

Some may choose to call me “vain” or “conceited” for this

but they don’t understand.

I choose to call myself beautiful

because sometimes I fail to see it.

Sometimes all I can see are my flaws.

I am beautiful

I repeat to myself when the world tells me I’m not.

Perhaps it is those who tell me I’m not good enough

that makes me feel this way.

Never have they told me that my appearance isn’t beautiful

but rather something so much more than that.

It is their lack of understanding and acceptance of who I am

that led me to choose this word.

I am beautiful

no matter what they say.

For when others cease to love me, who is left to love me but myself?

Perhaps I want to show them that I don’t need their approval

to be happy.

For as I am beautiful

I thrive.

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