Vacant Hearts

(2/14/14 1:40 P.M)

Fault plays two parts,
two stories,
some lies,
some truths,
leering eyes and broken
some with guiltiness,
it's terrible but
a vivid imagery
isn't it,
when people play games
to win affection,
when people argue to win,
screaming wasn't a
wasn't an option
but happened anyways,
heart racing,
blood pumping,
seeing red,
scream or you will 
drown inside,
suffocating under silence,
boiling to the brink point of no return
I did,
I screamed at you,
seeing the water gates
break open,
a sense of happiness but some
sadness ties with feeling
vacant eyes,
no vitals,
my heart running on E
I am losing my freaking mind,
and it shows in your tears and confused 
those vacant eyes


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