we're both alone
but the difference
between us is that
youre lonely,
but im not.

you crave the 
attention from others.
they call you the "life
of the party".
you always seem to
be happy,
to be up for anything,
im not.

i dont like being
around others.
i like being alone,
no- actually love.
going home to nothing
but a room filled w/ an
unmade bed,
empty water bottles,
and chip bags
lifts my spirits,
not yours.

i love to binge watch
the same shows 
all the time.
all day, every day.
while in public, 
i try to show as
little emotion as
trying to hide and
mask my identity
behind a fake smile,
a few laughs,
you dont.

you love laughing,
you want to be happy.
you try to make
as many people laugh
as possible.
you want to enlighten 
those around you.
to help those who dont
show their pains,
forget that they have them.
you want to be the comic
i dont.

i cut my skin open,
hoping that while 
the blade scratches 
my soft, delicate skin,
all the demons will bleed
i self-medicate until im
either in an unconscious 
and do it again the next
or until im all out.
i lie in my bed,
and curl up into a
ball until my body
is even more numb
than before,
you dont.

we are so different,
yet the same.

we share the same body,
but different personalities.

we battle against each
hoping to defeat one another.

we are depression and joy.

we are in you.

the story you have read above
has made it seem like we 
were describing two 
different individuals.


we were describing the 
different emotions 
that surface the human 
body from time to time.

we were describing
how having either
depression or joy
can change no only
your attitude, but
your actions.

these are the different
affects that these 
can have on you.

we are depression and joy,
and we are similarly























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