Urethral Woman

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 16:39 -- amrojo

The woman smiles to show her warmth
Like honey golden love falls from teeth
Lips spread to reveal taught red ecstasy
The breath of life escapes in a gasp
Urethral beings move over the water
Footsteps don’t break the surface
Ripples as the fish nip at their feet
Lie still in the abyss unforgiving
Watch the stars circle as the earth stands
Still as glass reflecting on raindrops
Does the moon shine on liars
Hands spread fingers curled
War wages against all persons
Persons wage against the war
Is forever more than a lie
Does the moon understand the reasons why
It sends the woman to smile
The urethral being of light feet
Dances on the edge of understanding
Mongers of war pierce the water
The woman falls, slips in
It surrounds her and she chokes
Water like torture fills her lungs
War moves on around her
Violence spreads and encompasses
Forever lost in a sea of desolation
Fights against the current she struggles
Lips as red as the stain of war spread wide
Broken magic gleams without hope
Words like arrows pin arms and legs
Swim or drown but live no more
Walking the surface never shore
Light of day fades yet lingers
When the sun has set she still lives
As the sun rises she has slipped down
Down to the bottom of betrayal by sea
Then the war ends and the water stills again
She lifts back up, smile emerges on lips
Slow procession to the surface
Walk glide along the water again
The moon projects its cold light like silver
She is a urethral woman sent from the heavens
She has come to spread warmth with her smile
And when war ends she is there once more


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