O Captain my Captain poetry slam

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I know I got lost sometimes or caused trouble sometimes I lost sight of my goal  but you were always right there.  Times came where we didn't see eye to eye  or I wouldn't speak, 
The quiet omnipotence of my mentor  Has guided me through life. To my younger self, I would have lent her  A small piece of advice.   To not resist these blueprints of success,
The moment you held me, Screaming and breathing through my lungs, We developed this bond: A bond of mother-daughter love And respect. Everyday from then on We talked And shared secrets,
In the darkest hours of ones mortal life, comes a light that will forever shine despite strife. Even if the winds were to howl and all were fall, she was there to endure it through it all.
What is more powerful than a Mother’s love? Only God in heaven above A Mother’s love will never ever stop, she is determined to see you rise to the top.  A Mother’s heart is like a rare gem, that is so precious and bold
I hear them cry. O Captain my Captain, Self doubt screams. My internal storm Still terrorizes them. Overthinking weeps And Self esteem sobs While my Concentration and Patience
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