Untitled (maelstrom)

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 21:25 -- wembsy

What we had lives 
only in memories 
in my heart 
in my soul, 
in my mind.

What we had is gone,
echoed only in our shadows.

Gone from the light
I tend to think of you more often at night
while I lie in the dark;
thoughts of you lurk deep within my mind
it feels like a crime.

You shouldn't be gone,
it feels all wrong.

It's like,
my heart has known all along.

Our love was so bright,
so strong
but you stopped the fight
and left me standing alone -
I was on my own.

It was supposed to be you and me against the world,
against the currents, trying to stop the sinking; whirl.

I was there for you
but you couldn't be there for me.
Once it got rough,
it was all too tough
and you blamed it all on me
as though I were bad company,
first mate to captain,
you thought I would abandon
our crew of two.

Well, screw you.

You broke my heart and played the part - mutiny! 

I took to the waves: 
they were choppy, 
I was brave.

I loved you through all the hurricanes,
all the tsunamis:
everything you threw at me.
but I guess you were through with me,
and now I'm through with you. 


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