The sun still rises and the sun still sets

East has stayed East and West has stayed West 
The waves will still come and the waves will still go
The clocks have since ticked and the clocks have since tocked
After winter comes spring and summer becomes fall 
You're no longer here, that hasn't changed at all
I've seen leaves fall and I've seen them come back
I've seen the sky lit and I've seen it go black 
I've also heard thunder and I've also felt rain 
I've also seen a rainbow after every hurricane 
I too have gone forward but always turned around 
But you weren't there or anywhere to be found
I killed myself slowly...every single day
Yet I never ran out, of something to say
They say you're in heaven and to look up at the sky,
Are you a star in the night or are u hiding behind clouds passing by?
Are you angry with me or u just don't care? Are they giving u pain that u can no longer bare? 
I know it's my fault because I've done wrong 
But I was innocent when you left and I waited so long
In searching for you I gave him my everything
But he couldn't give back
And I couldn't go back
And where was she, who u left with me?
Her body was like fire and her heart was like snow
She couldn't even say what she had to show 
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