Unsent Letter

A letter to you.   You broke my heart, not once, or twice but so many times I'd lost count. The words that splurge out of your mouth angelically pierce my heart and paralyze me. I'd come to think it was finally our time and you'd chosen me. You didn't...as much as I can try I will just never be good enough for you. I will never be the girl you rush too after a reckoned day. I will only be the girl that waits patiently for you to have your fun with others, as I sit on the sides lines watching, hoping, praying you'd come to me. I guess my heart is just too tired. My body is tired of sitting, so I'm gathering my belongings. I'm leaving this game early. You do not deserve me, after all, you have all of these fans. My absence won't affect you one bit. I wish I had that charm that whisked you towards me but I don't. I will never be "the girl of your dreams" so why wait here until I perish into dust. Instead I will make my own dreams a reality. I want to make myself happy because I no longer wish to please you. I wish to please myself. You had my heart and now I'm taking it back.    - The girl who gave you everything

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