I’m so sorry that I can’t be

Everything that you want from me

I’m sorry that I’m left trying to say

No, in the very kindest way

I get so confused, and I don’t understand

Why things never work out the way someone plans

Why we all run in circles, and why it’s so hard

To run towards each other instead of apart

You chase me, and I chase him

And he chases another, that’s how it’s been

For as long as I’ve been around to know

That’s why I’m so afraid to let my feelings show

No matter how I feel, it seems that I’m wrong

No matter what I do, I hurt someone

Whether it’s someone else, or me, or you,

It kills me that it’s something I can’t help but do

And as hard as I look, I can’t see a solution

I try to make my own resolution

To stop worrying when it isn’t my fault

But I haven’t yet brought my concerns to a halt

And I’m not sure that I ever will

I hurt for you once, I hurt for you still

Though a lack of emotions sometimes seems ideal

We’re all just people, we can’t help but feel

Sometimes we love when it isn’t returned

Through it all, this one thing I learned:

Crushes suck.


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