My dear brothers and sisters,


A father’s love is like no other.

He loves you and he respects you

And though you might forget that sometimes,

What expectations does a father’s love have?


You cannot quantify it and you cannot qualify it

And I might know that, much better than you,

He loves you.

He does not need anything from you in return.


Someday, when you know

That he is in pain,

You’ll reach out with a really desperate love,

Wanting to reciprocate and wanting to quantify.


In this moment, he reaches an understanding

And you reach a recognition of love.

And then, he stands and raises his fist

And finally he, in his mind, has succeeded.


Don’t believe me?  That’s alright.

Don’t suppose we are of the same qualification,

But I assure you that, in time,

You’ll see something you never saw before. 


Yours ever-so truly,

The one without

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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