: Unpredicted Imagined Reality

I want it all, Not in the fact of money power and fame
But I want it all, In the moment I laid eyes on him it hit me that I could be insane
For I never had loving so good that I. . . the wild child just might could be tamed
Me tamed or me changed ?
Fire burning inside me just of the thought
Thought so much that I couldn't even resist the fight that I lost
Thanks conscience for not being there
But it felt more so empowering and unexpected that. . . Hell Thanks conscience for NOT being there (^_^)
I've never imagine a good thing so good that I'd drop any tear
I said I never imagine a loving so good that I'd drop any tear
A man that listens with out me even speaking a word
He listened to my body and paid close attention to me. . From every beauty mark to every UH. . To my every twirl
But that's what happens when you Avant Makin' Good Love right ?
I want it all, baby let me be your insanely tamed beast I promise I'll keep it tight!!
I just want it all, and from the look in your eyes you want it to
So let's not continue to pretend this wasn't suppose to happen
Let's just accept the fact it's the best thing ever yet to happen!!


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