Thu, 04/10/2014 - 18:31 -- tabeliz


I’d change the way Americans communicate.

But let me change you before I hyperventilate

Your social sites, your smartphone, your online games

Have given you bloodshot eyes and a liquid brain

Constantly distracted

look at me


I’m still here you know



How can I hold a conversation anymore?

Are my words inept, my company a bore?

At last you look up from your small device

is looking at my face such a hard sacrifice?

I start to speak and harden my face

yet you turn your gaze because you liked the screen’s faster pace

 “I love you” you text goodbye

 yesterday I said it to your face with tender eyes

I’m sorry then

I’m sorry I’m not as convenient as your phone

I’m sorry you and your automaton are better left alone

I’m sorry you need quick stimulation in order to feel

I’m sorry your virtual life is better than what’s real

Because all I can see is your lack of being present

I’m a burden to your online throne, yet you’re the cybernetic peasant

I want to hear you when you speak

I want to see your eyes, your lips, your teeth

Maybe then it would hit you

And others too

that we are becoming VIEWERS


and that we need moderation

or we’ll resort to isolation

in our boxes, our cubicles, away from talk

we’ll sit on our own and facebook stalk

hoping to gain a grain of self esteem

as we submit to a bright computer screen

Look at me

Talk to me

Laugh with me

Hell, cry at me

Give me something

Something crazy, something off the wall

Let me know if society still interacts at all



wow this poem is amazing. it flows and gets your point across, well done.


I know this was from a while ago, but I love this poem. It hits the core of what's wrong with the technological age: isolation and lack of human interaction. Seriously, this is so well written. I'm astonished.

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