I don't admit to what you did to me because I protect your heart more then you did mines. I ignore how you say you want me back and continue to laugh as I want to do in you face on the chose you made.You say you messed up and that I'm sorry just doesn't moist my soul  but dry it out as you continue to apologize but forgot to learn about what you were saying sorry for.

Some of you guys have to lose the only person who stood by you to notice what you lost .As you look around at the girl you poured your heart to and see how you ended up back single again.

As I seat back and watched you burn. You can call me evil but I didn't have to go off and slap you because you treated me like trash. I let you look in the mirror and do that to yourself as you see another guy take what you broke and repair it more the my own hands could ever do .

I continue to let you have a effect on me by the way you try to recall back all the memories as I recall all the emotions and heartbreak that I felt with you. YOU bruised every part of my body that you tried to hold on to.

You stood there and you looked me in the eyes and took a gun and shoot me right in the face because you blind me because I didn't want to see what you did to watch it replay back to you

You had your chance now I'm chucking up the deuces so tried of holding on to all your excuses.I turn my back had you running to me.  Your heart was broken from the girl you took and not me. I was here though it all.

She walk away and  I was always there when you landed on your face. Karma a bitch an I'm so glad you felt was I felt now you want me back.

The person who never left but you walk away. The person who had your back and you didn't stay.When I leave now I'm being wrong but I'm treating you the same way as you walk away.You felt pain and I felt glory you felt regret and I accomplished and retain just what I needed myself again.

YOU close your eyes and hope when you open your eyes I will be with you again. But once the light open those eyes you will see where I choose to be... and It's not with you



He choose to close his eyes because he is afraid to see something that he abandoned another guy decides to keep . So open your eyes .

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