"Invite me to your wedding," you said.

Where were you? Where were you when I needed you most?

Drunk on turpentine, split legs on a private jet, high, on your way to Las Vegas to waste and burn your cash in money slots only to dig your own grave one-thousand feet under the blood-stained bed sheets of your half-finished love affair with your freshly painted whore from the negro streets of a new city that I never got to hear about because you were too damn lazy to even call.

Where were you when mum was lying in bed with a head full of sadness and pain and exhaustion from thinking about your wedding night? Where were you when everything went to shit because we missed you and you took everything but sweet memories of our love for each other and our bitter fights that were made up for with warm hugs on winter nights and forehead kisses on my way to dream about a world I thought would never exist because our love was strong, and you told me! You told me that everything would be okay! You told me that it was fine! You promised! And look where the fuck that promise landed you! It landed you in a city I don't even know about because you were too lazy to call. It landed you split legs on a private jet on your way to loss and hate and everything in between!

Where were you? I don't even know. I can't begin to imagine how she must half felt let alone myself. She was the best thing that ever happened to you and you threw it all away and for what? Cheap whores? Drugs? Half-tinted limousines taking you to and from your tomb of dark depression, where you will sit alone drinking terpuntine and stain your stomach with bleach and fuck your cheap whores and take your cheap drugs. You left us for bullshit lies and blood-stained sheets. I needed you! WE needed you! So no, you will NOT be coming to my wedding! You will NOT continue to ruin my life as I start fresh, away from all your bullshit lies and crack whores! Live your life in an unnamed city and your unnamed state and your unnamed country and your unnamed life! Remain unnamed so I can never understand! I never understood anyway!

Continue to live your life unnamed until there's no more damn poetry material left!

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My family
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