The Unknown

The unknown is what we all fear

Oblivion, nothing, an endless dark path

we all fear that there will be nothing after this

that once we die we are gone forever

no joining our loved ones just emptiness

A endless darkness with no moon to light the way

It is what haunts us in our dreams

That feeling of nothingness just gone

no more thoughts no more feeling

just a never ending silence

There will be no more you

There will be no more I, Him or Her

We just become nothing

As if our existences was just a waste in the first place.

That the small life that we had wasn’t enough we crave more

We crave the Unknown

We crave to not just perish  

There is just that tiny hope

That there is an happy ever after

We hope that one day

When we take our final breath

That we see the golden gates instead of just a dark abyss

That the Unknown isn’t as bad as we think

That there is a bright light to follow

But not matter what we think

We have learned to fear

The Unknown.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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