Universal Love

I look outside  my window I see a man 

This man is your average man, yet he is not

this man is holding hands with another man

He is kissing and hugging this man


I see people, people staring and laughing.

I see them pointing their fingers

I hear name calling, harsh and cruel names


Questions are running through my mind

I ask myself why all the hate?

They are people too 

People with needs and wants

People who have the desire to love and be loved


After the questioning came my answer: Ignorance

people are informant of other people

they see differences when I see similarities

they see sin when  I see love

they see disgust when i see passion

So I ask myself why they do not see what I see?

cant they see that love is the same for everyone


I am angry and hurt

angry they cannot see what I see

hurt at the cruel names being spoken

I am confused

confused because of the hate and discrimination



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