Many times I see myself in a closet, being scared of the police

work in the black market, My parents

it's hard to understand what I never had


Papers, a green card, feeling frustration--bundles of agony--seeing

my parents risk life and limb for my education goal

being told by teachers that I won't

get --that bachelor’s degree!


I know of the school-to-prison pipeline.


they see me as an alien here to steal your work

as said by Donald Trump

creating bumps, being biased; I see

that there are always two sides--


landing in heads, never looking toward

what tails has to say, flipping sides


that poetry and spoken

words is what helps to get through these troubled

times, watching news, the crimes


Undocumented is what and who I am.

Undocumented is the difference between me and you

Undocumented me?


Documented is what you are telling me

Leave me be, and I can succeed


undocumented is what you are!


If I could be in your

expensive shoes, with all this your

parental aid, undocumentation is no

limitation, so


lets improve the situation .


If I could be in your

expensive shoes,

Then I would not be who I am:


Undocumented me




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