I discovered

The insignificant seed

Within my garden

I felt the weight of the world

When the fruit wasn’t even ripe 

The sun was my witness

And he was replaced 

I gave it one, two, to three

To cerebrate, 

Then I stopped

Have our hearts synced?

No, yes, I couldn’t hear

After all, you are just a seed

But what of all things could you be

A beautiful flower

Ambrosially sweet 

Perhaps a tree

Or the recrudescence 

Of just weeds

you resided 

One, two, to

Three full moons

Then my thoughts gathered 

The solicitude of my garden 

Tantalized the transpired course 

The small seed could take 

I realized that when you were whelmed

The sun had gone, there was a drought,

And the horse of winter came 

For you

It was too soon 

But after all you were just a seed

This poem is about: 
Our world


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