Uncle Mike's Eulogy

Stars in his eyes, the sun in my sky.
A man for the world to like, my Uncle Mike.
He's the strongest hero, stands taller than the trees he climbed.
A Godfather that I so thankfully called mine.
I kissed his cheek and told him I would see him soon.
Soon will be too long now that he is high up with the moon.
God holds him in his hands as he held me in his.
I'm sorry handsome it had to end like this.
But this isn't the end, instead a new beginning.
Where he will receive his well-earned wings, and continue his tree trimming.
I'll carve his name,
so pure and warm,
in my old oak tree that has held strong in every storm.
It will symbolize his greatness, determination, and strength.
Followed by a football that will hold his love for the game.
Standing almost as tall as his pedestal to which I'd look up to.
It is sturdy. Some stability to help me through.
I hope to grow and gain his glory.
Forever I will remember and share his story.
My kids will surely learn of this man on the moon, who scaled the highest trees, who left too soon.
The grandest Godfather, most honorable man, and sometimes a certified Looney Tune to which I am most definitely a fan.
He was called to heaven for a couple of things.
Mainly because God required an angel worthy of wings.
Someone whose selfless, considerate, and pure of heart.

My Uncle Mike was more than fit for that part.

Copyrighted Kady Mars 2011


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