Un-heard of Love!


United States
26° 6' 21.4416" N, 80° 19' 56.8236" W

I love you so much
It's almost greater than that of fruit punch
I need you more than Rick Ross needs weight loss
That sometimes, I resort to life decisions with a coin toss
I want you more than a junkie wants drugs
That when I hold you, I feel nothing but warmth and a snug
I care for you as much as there is black in space
That as soon as I hear your name, I see that amazing, beautiful face
I want to make you laugh when you're having a blue day, you see
Refer to said lyrics and think 3+3 equals me (it doesn't, it equals 6)
So never fret, I'll be here for you forever and always
By your side and never astray

I love you!


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