Two Hunters

In the Jungle, there is a mystery of darkness and wonders;

There is a war between a mighty beast and a man.

They kill for pleasure and for vengeance;

As they kill for their desires, the lands are haunted by fear.


Now White Tiger is the Lord of the Jungle;

He rules with majesty and honour.

Until one night, his mate and children were slain,

It was a man who did this, applauded by his wife and daughter

The tiger’s heart turns dark as night;

He becomes cruel as the dry summer.

He now rules with hostility and alarm.

He saw all of mankind as demons and flora of sin;

He tries to hurt by killing Mans’ women and children;

What he doesn’t know is that he is hurting within.


The hunter is rich, but his heart is cold as winter;

He violates the laws of nature, as he kills his prey with glee and pride;

He kills and destroys for payment and popularity.

His wife and daughter are greedy as the honey badger;

They are petty as an arrogant peacock, praising at their beauty.

The mate of White Tiger was used as matting,

White Tiger's children's skin were used as gloves for the daughter;

The hunter now vows to slay White Tiger, and have his coat for his wife,

A complete disgust to mother nature.


One evening, the hunter and his family invade the jungle;

They laugh and they bicker as the mad jackals they are.

White Tiger stalks they hunt for him,

He gazes the daughter behind her back with a burning hatred.

She was wearing his children's skin

As he gets closer to kill, she lets out her last squeal.

The wife runs and cries with fear and panic,

She cries to be saved by her mate.

The hunter turns for her;

But he was too late, She was already dead.

He looks tearfully at her wife’s bloodied body,

Then he looks up at White Tiger, as he feasts on her dead daughter.

The hunter’s blue eyes turned fiery with hatred;

White Tiger looks up at the hunter, giving him a bloodied smile.

The drops his rifle, instead, he pulls a machete,

It was to make him die slowly.

They both charged and roared at with fury.

White tiger clamps his jaws on the hunter’s gullet;

The hunter forced his machete on White Tiger’s chest.

They lie on the ground motionless.

The ground is filled with blood.


The jungle turns to darkness as the sun falls;

It becomes silent as the panther.

The buzzard fly for the killers' remains;

This is the end of the two hunters;

They were destroyed by their desire to hurt.


~Malcolm White




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