A burned exterior,

A hopeful interior.

The screeching yells within these walls,

I stand blank with a casual smile of a doll.

Rants flare in the air to others who care,

I dare to ignore due to being scared.

Self reflections I cannot bear.

The past behind my eyes,

it makes me tear out hairs.

A two faced wannabe regular,

One side burned,

The other yellow,

I never leanred what it meant to be a good fellow.

All the rage kept inside,

The anger so intense the soudntrack played by a cello.

My backbone so weak it was as if it were Jell-0.

Afriad to face the world with open arms,

I shut both eyes and let out my bellow.

Thoughts so innocent,

Yet the outcome so strange,

My moods do seem to range.

Am I to be seen as nice or mean?

I just want to be apart of some team.

I feel like a forever alone meme.

My mistakes are in the past,

I wish to continue my future and move forward fast,

All the pain caused me to fast,

I am suprised I was able to last.

Although I am two faced,

I wish to renew my case.

I want to setup a new base,

where I won't be chased.

All will be forgotten if I just count to seis.

My friends are my saviors,

I wish to never go back and act with that kind of behavior.




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