Twin Flame's Memory

I see you on a sunny day

On a California beach

On the roasting sidewalks

As the sun peaks behind the clouds

I see your arctic smile

And your eyes follow your grin

Spinning around in excitement

With a yellow daffodil

You yearn to make the city ours


I smell your love as if we were falling backwards in a lavender field in France

While the sun sets

The wind blows your natural beauty at drift with the birds

Your scent is caged in my extravagant memory


I feel you right in my hands

As if I squeezed my palms and felt your heartbeat

Enchanted and dazzled by your vibrations

I feel the glow of your skin

Covering and caressing my soul


Then my heart sunk...

My eyes closed

And my thoughts rested

Waiting so that I could remember you again

...when I wake up


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