Turn Dreams Into Reality

Tue, 03/25/2014 - 20:25 -- Jazzi


Dream job? Dream job?

Where are thou?

*Knock knock knock*

That’s opportunity at the door


Open it and see what’s in store

There’s nothing to buy or sell

Creativity, innovation, inspiration

Are all priceless, can’t you tell?

Turn dreams into a reality

Help those poor kittens with a mother

Caring for animals that’s my specialty

The connection with them is unreal

Like the discovery of the banana –

Behind that peel

The fear of the unknown, has people screaming

Bloody murder!


Ha! That’s not me!

One job is all I need

In an aquarium, in a shelter,

Even in a zoo, indeed!


Helping those animals,

Showing them that I care,

Don’t worry, I understand,

The loneliness when no one is there


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