The Truth the World Doesn't Teach You


United States
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I picked up my pen today; It felt good to let the stress flow
With every stroke and line finished, I began to breathe easier
Many young teens now smoke, cut or drink but I will write and pray
Pray that truth will flood in these young hearts and clear the mess away

Though we may be young our innocence is long gone
More girls become moms and guys become convicts
A lie placed guns, drugs, and alcohol in our hands and into our minds
That lie whispered to indulge, enjoy, and live free no consequences

Yet, "living free" caused more death and despair
We have shut our eyes to what should be inside:
Innocence and purity -- they were long cast aside when
Greed, Pride, and Vanity crept in and made us their home

Slaves to an imperfect world, we made a normal out of sin
Yet still reaching out, Hope calls us home
Love, true Love opens his arms as Lust loses her hold
Laughter tickles our ribs as Anxiety fumbles behind

Joy takes our hand as Fear fades away
Grace embraces us as Shame turns his back
Salvation, innocence, and genuine love is where we can find
Our Heavenly Father, not too far from us even now

We can trust in God alone, not this world with it's false promises
He is that one, true escape that won't leave us wounded, confused, or bleeding out
But, not all will agree, that's why I write and pray
Pray that truth will flood in these hearts and clear this mess away


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