The Truth the Students Know

Hey teachers,

I was an eighteen-year-old senior, a hispanic female with the classic features.

I focused on what I needed to do but still got distracted.

But I was appaled by how some "students" and "teachers" acted. 

"Teachers" who gave up on their studies,

"Students" fresh from middle school who were more concerned about their f**k buddies.

I sat in class while a "teacher" went on and on about his "kids all over the world,"

Talking about sexual conquests in only so many words but I knew and almost hurled.

"Students" who were in the top ten, taking drugs to stay ahead,

"Teachers" who encouraged them to take them so that they could still make their bread.

You always heard when someone was kicked out on the streets, like yesterdays trash.

So-and-so was gay and thrown out, then ODed at last weeks bash. 

Those same people that said they would help, "Teachers," "Students," and "friends,"

Left those people who needed their help high and dry, everything comes to an end. 

Living in a low income neighborhood is always hard, problems are always known,

"Did you hear about Claudia? Yeah, I heard her boyfriend Oscar was bragging about being blown!" 

"She's a slut!" "She's a skank!" "She's a hoe!" "She's a whore!" 

Ignorant of the fact that she feels each insult deep down into her core.

She loves her boyfriend, listens to his lies. "I love you babe, forever and ever."

Opens her legs at 15 and gets pregnant. She cries because now she knows he loved her never. 

Left her with a kid and left her struggling to get through high school. On Welfare and bullied because of one mistake, 

All she knows now to deal with her suffering is to bake.

Smoke the tree, soon it wasn't enough, she graduates to harder stuff

Claiming she's gonna kill her self, the baby too, everyone ready to call her bluff. 

Think it's too fake? Think I'm lying? 

"No way is life that hard." Keep saying that while teens keep dying. 

I always heard about Jane and John Doe,

You'll never know the truth the students know. 


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