The Truth about Loneliness

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 13:56 -- 14hoska


Loneliness is not a state of mind.

It is a choice.

A way of life,

A feeling.


A feeling that possesses,

A feeling that deceives,

A feeling that confesses,

A feeling that relieves,


And a feeling that won’t go away.

Try, try, try, and repeat.

A pain that shall always pay,

And something that will never delete.


People will always want less emptiness.

Humans feed on power and breathe love.

People will always have more pettiness.

Something that one cannot shove.


Humans will always walk alone.


Alone in the darkness,

Alone in the light,

Alone during the day,

Alone at night.


Loneliness is not a state of mind.

It is a choice we cannot hide,

It is a choice we cannot find,

And it is a choice that will collide.


Whether we like it or not,

Bittersweet, impudent, mesmerizing,

We will never be taught,

The truth, the testifying.


Loneliness is not a way of life.

It is a pool of cries,

Sorrow of eyes,

And sadness that flies,

Through the death of time,

By and by.



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