The Truth Is

When someone like them

Someone who’s hurt you your whole life

Has hurt you to the extent they have


When they have such a strong hold on you

That you continue to deal with it

And people wonder why you do it over and over

To the point, you’ve gotten tired of explaining


The truth is they force you to become dependent

They force you to rely on them and need them


Because they made your life hell

And put it back together at the same time

They broke you down to where you hate yourself

And built you back as this incredible person

You cry, scream, and wish you were never born

Only for them to later make you feel so special


They manipulate you in any way they can

Sometimes because they can

Mostly because they need you in return


The truth is life isn’t black and white

The kindest people can do the cruelest things

And the cruelest people can understand the most

The ones who are supposed to love you

Can push you aside like a useless tool

And try to apologize within the same ten minutes


The truth is love can be hatred and vice versa

Because people can make you feel that

They can bring you up

Or tear you down bit by bit until you’re nothing.

They can be the people always by your side

And they can be your worst nightmare


The truth is there is nothing you can do

But stand against it all and move on.

The sad truth is that they aren't worth the time

Even if they were supposed to be your everything.


People don't like to see the truth,

Until it's too late.

And by then a person can be so damaged

They sit unrecognizably.

It's times like these that separation and moving on

Is the only answer


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