What is a Bully

a Person who



Targets weaker people

Define Bullying

to Intimidate or Demeanor 

to Tease

to Namecall

to Taunt

to Threaten

to Harass

to Spread Rumors

to Humiliate

to Degrade

they say You Are


A Bad Friend





they say The Truth Hurts Doesn't It

but this is not The Truth

what is The Truth

The Truth is who you are Inside

Their Truth lies with the demons They Hide

Their Truth

they Crave the Attention

Your Name is something they can't help but mention

Their Truth

they Try to Hurt You with Their Words

yet deep inside They Hurt the Worst

Their Truth

they try to put up their Emotional Wall

but in the end

They'll Lose It All

Your Truth

I've Listened, I'm Done

You've had your Childish Fun

Your Truth

don't acknowledge what They Say

They'll be the ones that Have To Pay

Your Truth

Real Friends is what You Are Craving

but don't worry

I'll Focus on the Relationships Worth Saving

You Should Too

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