True Love

Because I love you, you do not need to be anything more

Your quirks, routines, and pet peeves are all endearing

Yes, sometimes we annoy each other to no end

But because I love you, I will always be your friend


Because I love you, I tell you everything

You know my thoughts and my fears

And I know your’s too

I love you, because you are you


If you were ever sick

I would bake you dozens of chocolate chip cookies

And suffer through every chick flick ever made

If I were sick, you would do the same


When your face is covered in tears

I tell you the worst puns ever created

When my face is shows my sadness

You start singing my favorite songs


There is no benefit from being each other’s friend

I do not gain popularity by sitting by you everyday

And you do not glean off of my intelligence

We only love each other because we love each other


I love you for only one reason, you

Without you, I could live

But I would not want to

Because I love you, I want to be with you


This poem is about: 
My family


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