True Friends

Like uncut hair

Feelings tend to stay

Until suddenly, one day

They finally go away


Someone that's always there though

Is what you call a true friend

The person that stood by your side

Until the very end


Though thick and thin,

Until the air's finally clear

True friends never stray,

Always staying near


They're the people

That truly deserve your love

Your guardian angels,

Sent from above


They pick you up when you're down,

Convince you that you can fly

When you don't feel the love,

Keep the twinkle in your eye


When your heart lies broken

Shattered in a million shards

Your friends help you pick them up

And get you through a time, so hard


When your troubles have left you

Down on your knees

True friends will pick you back up,

Do what it takes to appease


My loving gratuity

Knows no bound

Because amazing, true friendship

Is what I've found.


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