Tribute To Victims Of Gun Violence(What Must I Say-Poem)

Gun Violence

N.R.A please disbey and allow me to say, families suffer is what I say, what must I say that is the thing even the great Shakespere had a saying "To be or Not to Be that is the question". Let me say this; our society is becoming more violent, honestly I have been silent I haven't expressed this feeling of dismay, what can I say there are no words to even say I know how the families may feel, I have never felt this kind of pain and loss but I do know pain but nothing of this level, as the bell rang and students all giddy happy going about their day to this now again, what more must I say. I say I'm without words, so confused on why this must be when all can be avoided. This is such a haunting feeling, all the lives with a hopeful future all now in their graves, that is tough to say, please again N.R.A please disbey my voice as it to be heard against the heavens, I'm Sick of the violence, I'm sick of the ill-sense individuals that would do such a thing. Forever I will be tormented and tortured by this feeling I endure, oh the sweet sorrow of dismay of the spirits of genuine souls that have been taken away and too early, it's so hard to express my feeling on this because it tears at my self being. I can't say no further than this please hear me say I'm forever to honor thy victims and their families this is what I leave with ending my dismay, what more can I say. So very little to say there will be a price to pay.

Quote from myself: 

"Peace should be a virtue, honor should be as well, honor those who may be away for they will live on forever". 

  Moeresse L. Warren

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My community
My country
Our world
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I with you!! This poem was amazing. God bless you!

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