Treyvon Martin

I am Treyvon Martin

My life is not to long startin'

 I work day in and day out

From my mother did I sprout

My life is in God's hand

I am just human

But I walk this earth as an Afro American

Tall, Strong, and united I stand

I can't help I was born with this shade of skin

But unfortunately that was the cause of my end

There was no justice

Just this

Life taken from one just cause he can

Not cause I was human

But I was a BLACK MAN

Minding my own business walking to my home

Unarmed and alone

Yet he is the reason that today I no longer have a tone

I can't speak my story

But many are to this day still fighting for me

Just remember God doesn't like ugly

You may have gotten away today

But karma will come back around in it's own way




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

preach on sista

we need to continue spread the importance of equality and justice

continue to build off your ideas


Thank you :)

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