Volcanic fury in my chest

Timidity stirring in my breast

Am I no longer in control?

“I’ll one day conquer your patrol”


You covered me with chain and rope

You snuffed my every spark of hope

But I was scared to let you go

Too unprepared for on my own


The weakness in my heart mistook

The tinge of evil in your look

As tame desire and romance

Instead of its condemning trance


The day arrived when I grew strong

I wrote an ending to our song

My fingers bled as I wrote goodbye

I said I was glad, I know I lied


I had to wipe my tears somehow

With something not your barbed brow

The tears against me you committed

I cried when I by you was permitted


I was so scared to let you go

You caused my trepidation to grow

And so I learned I must release

Your heart, a vile, putrid beast


And how I’ve grown from your depart!

Life looks to me like works of art

Through eyes that now are opened wide

Not covered by your sinful pride


I live in harmony with me

The chains have fallen, I am free

I wear a smile of relief

Since now I am proud of my beliefs.


Goodbye, you swine, abusive fool

And see me shine in this world cruel

I’ve overcome my fear of pain

And I never will be hurt again

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