Tremble, shiver, shake

Shake, shiver, tremble,

Watch me disassemble 

Nauseus, forcing myself to eat

Tired and hyper, just want to sleep

Is this new? Just ADHD and OCD? Maybe anxiety

Whatever it is, my minds running in circles like a grand prix

Yeah well, I'm not Mario-Kart, so why can't it get out of my head

The only way I can think of to avoid it is just going to bed

I've heard sleep is healthy, but is that true when it's an escape?

I don't think so, maybe, at least it silences the debate

Going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and back

And of course the constant battle of a paranoiac

But of course, this is only amplified

By the hyper and shaky ways of I

And only when I awake

Do I tremble, shiver, and shake

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