The Tree

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 22:22 -- skyv


The moon has set and it is dawn

Wind brushes my limbs on the surface

Its briskness makes me tremble

My world is quiet

Except for the whispers of creatures

Who live beneath me

The sky is ash and it falls on me softly

I can taste it

I let it soak in my skin

I feel it in my veins

Wind falls through me once again

An owl coos

And the sky turns brighter

I feel strong

My torso twists

My arms reach for the sky

Where the sun feeds me too

The day is gloomy but I feel bright inside

The energy of the Earth powers me

Giving me life

And giving everything life

I can see the connections between me and the grass

Me and the birds

Me and the humans

And I am connected, like a rope tether

To these things

I give and take their energies

It is a balance between us

And an unspoken bond we will always have

So I look to the clouds

And I breathe

And I stretch and stretch to the sun

The sky gets brighter

And the owl falls asleep

The birds begin to chirp and the bees buzz

The wind tickles my leaves

It runs through me

And I am alive and I feel

I feel the connectedness

My roots squeeze the warm ground beneath me

The creatures awaken and slowly come forth

The morning dew has settled, the grass tickles

I am excited

I love the warmth

It wraps around me and clasps me tight with ardor

I feel one with it! I am happy and I smile to it

Everything seems so alive and bright

Shining with the sun

I dance with the wind

With the birds and the bees

And I am so content

I wish for an eternity, dancing with the sun

But hours pass

And the sun eventually sets

There is a breeze, and it runs through me

It whisks my leaves in such a doleful manner

Still, I respect the wind

It chases the land

As I see the stars

Their light so faint, resting on eyes

Staring back into the ethereal plains they float in

As the sky darkens, and shadows form

I look to these stars and I feel otherworldly energy

And it consumes my soul

And I am ready for the night

I feel the creatures beneath me tuck in

And fall asleep

And the grass tickles my roots with sweetness

And the bitter wind pushes me still

And I reach for the sky

As my torso twists

The evening is silent

Except for the coo of the owl

And the distant howls of wolves

And now feels like forever

A lacuna in time

My old body sits

In the darkness of the night








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