The treasures arisen from fallen love

There is the pain of the heart, that arises when the hope of love becomes unrequited....

There is so much misery, shame, and embarassment that one feels,

As they question their intelligence, beauty, and being...."One can ask, why?

Why would anyone be embarassed of something everyone since the inception of man has been through?"

It's the humanity in us....the confliction of knowledge of the situation at hand, and the feelings that wish otherwise.

We think so much about the rejection of that person, that we seldom realize that we gain even in our loss...We learn about people as a whole, in beneficial giving and malicious heartbreak.

We learned from that person.....we learned from the enticement of them,....and, in a sense, learn skills we though we could never master.

We may learn how to sing like a canary, learn how to record music, learn how to write like a reporter, or cook like a world chef, or think like a sophist....

We learn an expertise, and also dig into what they are into....gaining knowledge from them.

We also learn from their personality traits, thinking of it in an influential way....

Maybe, it was their curious spirit, or their laidback attidude, or their love for honesty, or their consideration of people....>

We look at those, and, in turn....learn from those traits.

By the same token, we also learn from the flawed traits that we do not want to emulate, and work to avoid....

It was perhaps the hot temper, their manipuative ways, or their selfish outlook on liife....?

We look towards that, and view it in an antagonist's view, and seek to avoid it.

In essense....we gain several from the pains of lost love....if we only wait, we will see the fruits of it.


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