The Traveler

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 03:52 -- LeeLee

I walked a weary path,
Downtrodden and alone;
No friend by my side,
And nothing to call my own.

Then appeared a traveler bright,
His face shining like the sun.
He called out "Come with Me to the Father,
He sent Me for I am His Son."

I looked longingly his way,
But something held me back.
My sins had me bound
And would not let me turn back.

He looked at me with sorrow
And disappointment in His eyes;
But I could not feel.
I was a slave to my own lies.

He said He would wait
For me to turn to Him;
And He would make a way
To save me from my sin.

Then He sadly went away;
And I watched Him go.
Why He wanted me,
I would never know.

I went on and forgot;
I groveled in my sweet pain.
I never had another thought,
Till I saw Him again.

On the horizon I saw Him
Hanging from a cross.
Suddenly I understood His words,
What my soul had cost.

I threw myself to the ground
Repentant, and unafraid
I worshipped Him where I was
And thanked Him for what He had paid.

I knew He forgave my sins,
Took every wrong away from me.
He had suffered and died
Just to set me free.

Three days later, He arose,
And I saw Him again;
But this time when He called me
I ran straight to Him.

Now I am His, I am the Father's child,
And the Holy Spirit lives in me.
No longer am I alone,
Because He is always with me.


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