Trapped in a body that

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 18:11 -- jjasp

Trapped in a body that will not function

The smallest tasks become a challenge

No more running, dancing, or playing

Standing up becomes your new form of exercise

With every step you heart races

As you will the blackness creeping in to disappear

At times, nothing can prevent your limbs

From crashing into the ground

Picking yourself off the floor

You try to remain calm and collected

The brave face you put on is simply that 

No matter how much time passes

The turmoil of emotions does not disappear

You fear the future, you resent yourself

You are tired of the treatments and medications

You wish to go back to a time before this illness reared its nasty head

It can be suffocating to live in a body

That rebels against basic commands

Ensarned in a body with a broken system.

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Such a powerful piece. Thank you for your poem.

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