The Transformation

The journey began

Merely a spray from a sink

Not of joy did I think

When poetry came to mind


A nuisance it was

To rhyme words and words

Just like the screeching of birds

In the midst of the night


Then a stab in the heart emerged

The angst of a child poured out-

The only thing I could do is shout,

As the pain of childhood crushes came down as rain


Splash, Splash

The poetry came as a storm

As my creativity was soon to form

Seeing deeper meaning in other works


Keats, e.e. cummings, Dickinson,

My idols showed me the way

A waterfall of emotion every day

Seeing poetry as life-


Now I write poetry to feel

 Knowing every emotion as real

As something raw and unexplored-

And in my mind I know,

Poetry is the storm in my heart

The light rain

And the waterfall

Showing who I am-

And who I want to be

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