At The Town Fair

There were lots of folks at the town fair,
Some kids begging mom for a dollar,
And refugees on a dusty road without a fare;
Just roaming about in a horrid squalor.

Shotgun grandpa was riding his fat cow,
Young children were seen chasing ice.
A hapless mother was caught milking a sow,
The local butchers meat was cut-price.

Senile people were rolling and growling,
Could they be mad or just invalid?
Go the hamster on a boat leisurely strolling,
That very night it would toss salad.

Annoying children were running around,
Their parents getting drunk at the bar.
They swayed to and fro singing about town,
While the whistle dude was heard far.

Frank the yank some said was patriotic;
But he was caught torching his flag.
Young Cathy it seemed loved anything erotic;
She had many books all about drag.

Remember her name, remember the game,
Lots of funny folk playing fanciful queens.
Uncle Sam couldn't care less when they came,
Little Daniel was there eating all the teens.

Every good man had his hard luck time;
Blowing steam when the dream died.
Every good women could only cry in rhyme,
She would try her worst when denied.

At the town fair were people from all over;
Folk from far, some gipsies from Spain.
There was the juggler doing his act from Dover,
His Delaware legacy was vaguely feign.

What a splash made the full moustache,
Women were seen admiring its style.
Ten dollar whores were flashing their cash;
Fellows could afford them for awhile.

Weedy Sally was a particular sex worker,
For so long she applied her fain trade.
She had a daughter doing coke for a quarter,
That girl was deep in crime and afraid.

Hungry kids couldn't get a bite to ingest;
They looked vulnerable to the wolves.
Door to door protection just wasn't the best,
Here today gone tomorrow like elves.

Now at this town fair were grisly gangs,
Vigilante men who could do murder.
Old folk dared not be bold or bare their fangs,
There ought to be a poem of ardour.

Many brains not enough brawn thereof,
Death was never far away if it rained.
At the town fair, crazy folk falling in love,
How sweet it was to see folk chained.

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